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(C) 2012, LatheCity

LatheCity: Uwe Burghaus, born in West Berlin, Germany, is the owner of LatheCity. He obtained  his education in Physics and Physical Chemistry at the Free University of Berlin. He is not a professional  machinist or designer by training. In fact he holds a PhD in  physics and is teaching physical chemistry at a university in the US.

His hobbies include machining furniture from  metal and glass. His hobby developed  into a part time business in 2012. We are in the US.

LatheCity currently sells books about metal working including software tools and accessories for benchtop lathe/mills: everything that’s fun to make and may find customers.

The strength of the business is custom designed pieces - every thing that can be made in a small metal shop.
Low volume – high quality is our mission.

None of the tools you find on the LatheCity website are imported - LatheCity is the manufacturer. We are located in Fargo, ND, USA.

The image on the right shows "LatheCity", a miniature city. The tallest piece is about 4" high, the largest diameter amounts to 1". We also used to sell these miniatures and jewelry, but specialized in the meanwhile on tools and books.

LatheCity Miniatures