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Shipping rates on our website are generally US rates unless otherwise noted.
In some cases, international shipping can directly be selected using the pull-down menus.
(In that case the total costs are shown: parts + shipping.)
Non US customers may contact us in advance, please.
International shipping can be expensive. Ask for a quote in advance.

Greetings to our international customers.
Who is next?

Due to US export regulations we will not/cannot ship anything to certain countries. Sorry.
We will not declare wrong values on custom forms - don't even ask.

International shipment rates - check out by yourself

General shipping terms are active and are given [ here ].
International orders generally ship without tracking and without insurance unless otherwise requested.
We do not reimburse or replace lost international orders.

For some products international shipping options are directly available via pull-down menus.

We charge what we pay.
If we have to purchase a shipping box, then please add $3.00 for handling.
We can use a recycled shipping box which is for free.
Credit card companies charge currency transfer fees. Shipping companies may charge significant broker fees. (USPS typically does not.)
Import taxes may be raised. All these extra costs are up to the customer.
UK: tax free is apparently everything up to $20 (double check this). If the item price is close to that we may be able to provide a discount, but we don't add wrong costs to custom forms.


  • USPS is typically the cheapest.

  • Typically between $10 -$30 for book packages.

  • Tools can often ship for rates below that (e.g. $6 for letters, e.g. $15 for small packages) since most tools are small and not too heavy.

  • For these rates tracking and insurance are not included. Otherwise it becomes insanely expensive. International tracking is available only for a few countries & only for priority mail.

Other option

  • Do you have a friend traveling home at Xmas or whatever? He/she has to obey customs regulations, shipping regulations, and export regulations, sure.

  • Turn in larger orders together with friends which may allow you to accept larger shipping costs (flat rate boxes have basically no weight limit).

  • Specialized shipping/forwarding companies apparently exist in the US.

If we ship merchandise then we would scan and e-mail the receipt from the post office which gives you the price, shipping date, and a shipping confirmation. Or, we can generate a PDF file directly. However, no tracking and no insurance at these rates.

are handled with the PayPal system, as usual. We send you a link to PayPal via e-mail.
Do NOT mail credit card information. We CANNOT process foreign checks.
We will not reimburse or replace lost orders. How often that actually happens? We don't know. So far we have not lost anything.

Credit card fees raised by PayPal will be passed onto the customer also in case of a canceled order. For example, international customer purchased a LatheCity product, but asked for US shipping rate. Generally, we cannot do that, sorry. We will cancel the order and reimburse the order. However, PayPal will still charge credit card fees to the customer. The customer will cover these fees. If you are an international customer then please select the correct payment button for international shipment to the correct destination or contact us in advance for a quote. We can look up the exact shipping costs and shipping options case by case. Thanks.

Printed manuals are generally not included in international orders to save on shipping costs. Download manuals e.g. here. We can also e-mail manuals, most of them are free.


If you are a ND resident then sales TAX is added automatically by PayPal. If you don't see the sales TAX contact us; we have to charge and remit sales TAX for North Dakota residence. We may need to send you a separate PayPal invoice for the sales TAX in case it was not automatically added by PayPal.

For all other US states, the small seller exception applies to us, i.e., we don't collect sales TAX. However, there may be sales TAX and/or other TAX requirements for the customer. Contact your TAX advisor. Since we won't collect or remit sales tax (except for ND customers,) remitting the appropriate taxes will be up to the customer.

Amazon and eBay automatically collect marketplace facilitator TAX, sales TAX, and other taxes automatically.

For international customers, there may be import taxes, broker fees, currency transfer fees, taxes, etc.. It is up to international customers to pay all required taxes.