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We want to generate as little as possible shipping and packing costs. Often we cover part of the shipping costs not to bother our customers or not to delay your orders due to inflexibility of the shopping cart system. We may use recycled shipping boxes, envelops etc. saving on shipping costs.

1. Standard catalog pieces are typically in stock (we manufacture the pieces in small badges) or they will typically be made within 1-5 business days (depending on work load, holidays, etc.). Most pieces are ready to ship.

2. You will see the total costs including shipping in the shopping cart. You still can cancel any order at this point.

3. Generally we ship with USPS. Typically 1st class. Some of our "buy now" buttons for the most popular items offer some shipping options (priority mail, media mail, international mail, ...). The total costs (part + shipping) is usually shown. However, generally shipping rates are US rates only unless otherwise noted. (International customers: see #6 below in this list.)

4. For the US, we use traceable mail. You will receive the tracking information via e-mail and/or find this in your PayPal, eBay, or Amazon account.

5. Local customers are encouraged to pick up orders - obviously no shipping or packing costs are raised in that case. Late and weekend pick-up can be arranged. Contact us in advance. (Our shopping cart for credit card orders is not flexible enough to recognize local customers automatically. We will reimburse overpaid shipping costs at time of pick up.)

6. We do ship also to international customers. (The shopping cart system accepts most non-US cards. Credit card companies charge currency exchange fees, typically about 1-3%.) However, in that case, the shipping costs can be significant. Please also note that you will need to cover all custom fees, broker fees, etc. We try to help, but it's up to the customer to determine these costs in advance. Note that custom fees (import tax etc.) may exceed the paper value of the ordered goods. Custom procedures can delay significantly the shipping process. [ Details ]

7. Media mail orders cannot be combined with other orders. That's a rule from the shipping company not ours.

8. Questions [ contact ] - eMail, don't call.

9. In most cases when sales TAX need to be charged, sales TAX has to be charged also for the shipping costs.