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Question: Dear lathecity, I would like to purchase both of your lathe books, but I live in Japan. Is there any chance at all that you would consider shipping to me? Thank you, J.-
Answer: Yes, LatheCity recently send books to e.g. Australia, Japan, Europe, whatnot. We will obeye US shipping and customs regulations, but most items can ship to most locations.[ details ]

Question: What are your shipping costs?
Answer: Generally we ship at cost. [ details ] [ international ]

Question: I wan't to order more than one part. What about the shipping costs?
Answer: Usually we will ship parts together. The shopping cart software (PayPal) is, however, rather primitive. That software just adds individual shipping costs together. This is often fine, since 1st class shipping (USPS) goes by weight anyway. Sometimes, however, we may be able to offer a better shipping deal when combining orders. Thus, on multi-item orders e-mail a list and we e-mail a quotation including the shipping costs. Usually this will take only a few hours. You can still cancel any transaction at this point. For one item only, just go through the shopping cart system and you will be charged the correct amount for shipping.

Question: Do you ship to the new Martian colonies?
Answer: Need any parts for your CO2 to O2 generator? Express mail, I guess. Yes, definitely, we would love to do so, but would need some details. [ see also this ]

Question: How do I know what to pay?
Answer: In most cases the roll-down menues will show the total costs (part + shipping). In any case, the shopping cart will give you the grant total costs before you finalize the order. You will see exactly what the costs are before the order is finalized. You can still cancel any transaction at this point.

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