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Software: System Requirements
The software is tested for the following operating systems:

  • PCs only
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP (Home Edition, Version 2002, Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 2)
  • Windows 98 (32 bits)

The software will not run on EssPC or Macintosh (unless you install windows).
We have a demo version on this site for free download. Try it out. If it runs on your computer then the full program versions will also work. Trouble? [ contact ]
[ Disclaimer ] The demo versions does not allow to save data files. Note that we don’t accept returns of information products. Once you opened the envelop that includes the CD, it will be yours.

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$64.99 Color Print
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+ $25.00 International mail USPS 1st class
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Solution Graphics

The CD includes the following programs to allow slicing various shapes:

  • Parabolic shapes
  • Spherical and elliptical ends, e.g. ball ends
  • Spherical side shapes
  • Taper shapes
  • Morse taper

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Free demo program [ Disclaimer ] For Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows 7: [setup] [Demo.001] [Demo.002]- download the three files, save all of them in the same folder, don't change file names, double click on the exe file (the first one on the left, setup), that will install the demo program. Trouble? [ contact ] We can also e-mail the files.
Windows 7 should also allow to run the exe directly [DemoQuickInstall.exe] [TDS.UIR] - download the two files, save all of them in the same folder, don't change file names, double click on the exe file (the first one on the left), that will install the demo program. Trouble? [ contact ]

The idea...
As with CNC operations, any shape can be approximated by slicing it, also on a manual lathe.
This does not require any accessories and not more than 5-20 min for most shapes.
Turning or facing operations can be used.

Example movies of slicing operations can be found here:

  • Facing operations don’t make much sense for parabolic and taper shapes.
    Therefore, for these shapes, programs for turning-slicing are included.
  • However, two programs are included for cutting elliptical shapes:
    turning-slicing and facing-slicing software.
  • A circle is a special case of an ellipse. Therefore, the ellipse program also allows one to calculate
    the cuts for circle shapes including ball ends.
  • Another program is included for cutting spherical shapes in the side of a work piece.
  • Two taper-slicing programs are included. One allows to cut generic taper and required to set the large diameter, small diameter, and taper length.
  • The other one will automatically set the parameters for a Morse taper depending on the number of the Morse taper. That program also allows to customize the length of a Morse taper.
  • All these programs are for a manual lathe!
  • You would purchase a single user single PC license.

Ball ends

#0 and #1 Morse taper

Parabolic shapes

Elliptical shapes
Customer projects: we would love it to see your projects. If you like e-mail an image to us. If you agree we would put it up at our website, but no compensations.