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  • For books and software, as common and understandable: no returns of books or CDs/DVDs (software). You can also not purcase a cake, eat half of it and then return it since it was too sweet.

  • Tools returns within 30 days (Factory direct) or 14 days (eBay) in resalable condition accepted. Money back or exchange, your choice. No questions asked. Customer will cover all shipping and packing costs (in both directions). Customer will cover all credit card fees raised by e.g. PayPal (we can also mail a check - mailing costs are up to the customer), taxes, broker fees, whatever fees are up to the customer. Ordered the wrong size, no problem, send it back, but see below. Return shipping only with trackable and insured mailing service. We may raise a 15% restocking fee for eBay orders.

  • No returns of custom designs or customized items. You designed it you will keep it. details

  • No returns of bulk orders (retailer).
  • By the way, the return rate of our products is below 1%. See [ feedback ] at eBay.
  • If you send items back we strongly suggest that you use traceable mail. So far very little was ever lost in the mail, but certainly there is no guarantee for that. You may need to provide prove that you shipped the item, i.e., use traceable mail. The returned item is your property, i.e., we do not replace or reimburse lost returns. If you send back expensive items, one of a kind vintage lathe, adapter, whatever then you may want to use insured mail. The same holds true for items originally purchased from LatheCity, or items send in for a custom order. We sometimes measure or duplicate unusual parts, or get parts send in for repairs. In summary, the shipping to us is up to you including all risks and costs associated with it. Also shipping costs back to you are generally up to the customer.
  • Credit card fees raised by PayPal will be passed onto the customer also in case of a canceled order. For example, international customer purchased a LatheCity product, but asked for US shipping rate. Generally, we cannot do that, sorry. We will cancel the order and reimbusre the product price. However, PayPal will still charge credit card fees to the customer. The customer will cover these fees. If you are an international customer then select the correct payment buttom for international shipment or contact us in advance to find out what the shipping costs are. Thanks.
  • Return shipping only with trackable and insured mailing service.
  • Lost shipments must be declaired to the shipping company immediately. Rules of shipping carrier need to be obeyed.
  • Return address is here you can contact us here