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Books/CDs - Sales Terms
1. You can look in the books before purchasing, i.e., the first pages can be downloaded in PDF file format.
2. The content list is available too.
3. However, no returns of book orders.

1. Short manuals for the software can be downloaded for free. Extended printed manuals come with the CD when purchased.
2. Demo versions of the programs can be downloaded for free, however, these demos will not allow you to save results and some of the features are blocked.
3. For books and software, as common and understandable: no returns of books or CDs (software).
Any questions or concerns: contact us.

Tools: Lathe / Mill Accessories
1. Avoiding returns: read the manuals / documentation before ordering.
2. All accessories are for benchtop / tabletop hobby type lathes and mills.
3. Read the [safety notes] and [disclaimer] before ordering.
4. Our manuals do not replace training in the use of the accessories and or the use of a lathe and mill.
5. Returns within 4 weeks after order (in resalable condition) accepted. [ details ]

Bulk orders
We reserve the right to restrict quantities of ordered products. In any case, no returns of bulk orders, no financing via LatheCity, no commission sales. An order is considered as bulk order when purchasing price is the “bulk price” and/or quantities exceed three identical items. Request formal quotation and/or PayPal invoice for bulk orders.

Pricing is in US dollars and is generally due at point of order.
Shipping costs are generally for the US.
Any legal action brought against LatheCity/Uwe Burghaus shall be tried in the State of North Dakota, Fargo, USA.

Credit card fees raised by PayPal will be passed onto the customer also in case of a canceled order. For example, international customer purchased a LatheCity product, but asked for US shipping rate. Generally, we cannot do that, sorry. We will cancel the order and reimburse the product price. However, PayPal will still charge credit card fees to the customer. The customer will cover these fees. If you are an international customer then select the correct payment button for international shipment or contact us in advance. Thanks.

Due to US export regulations we will not ship anything to certain countries.

None of our accessories or custom designs is intended to be used for transportation applications including but not limited to cars, motorcycles, airplanes, roller skates, bicycles, agriculture vehicles, etc, for civilian or military applications. Similarly none of our accessories or custom designs is intended to be used as components of weapons including but not limited to firearms for civilian or military applications. We herewith explicitly exclude any warrantee or liability if LatheCity products were used directly or indirectly or misused directly or indirectly for the above-mentioned applications (transportation, weapons).

If you are a ND resident then add 8.5% sales TAX. For all other states the small seller exception applies to us, i.e., we don't need to collect sales TAX. However, there may be sales TAX and/or other TAX requirements for the customer. Contact your TAX advisor. Since we won't collect or remit sales tax (except for ND customers,) remitting the appropriate taxes will be up to the customer.

Amazon and eBay should automatically collect and remit marketplace facilitator TAX, sales TAX, and other taxes automatically.

For international customers, there may be import taxes, broker fees, currency transfer fees, taxes, etc. It is up to international customers to pay all required taxes.

In addition our disclaimer is effective at point of order.
For complete business terms red the PDF file. [ PDF business terms ]