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We accept credit cards only through our secure shopping cart, featured by the popular PayPal system.

      • Further product options can be selected.
      • You have not to be registered with PayPal - checkout as "guest" if you like. Click on "Don't have a PayPal account?"
      • You can use any credit card and don't need a PayPal account.
      • Push the "add to cart button" to add item to the shopping cart and follow checkout notes.
      • Shipping costs will be added. The total including shipping is shown in the pull-down menus.
      • Or, most cart buttons have pull-down menus which offer different shipping options. In that case, the total part plus shipping is shown.

Any problems? E-mail us. We also can setup individual shopping buttons taking care of special circumstances such as custom orders.
These would be send to you via e-mail and would route you through the same PayPal system. We do not accept directly credit cards.

If you are a ND resident then 8.5% sales TAX are added automatically by PayPal. If you don't see the sales TAX contact us; we have to charge and remit sales TAX for North Dakota residence. We may need to send you a separate PayPal invoice for the sales TAX in case it was not automatically added by PayPal.

For all other US states, the small seller exception applies to us, i.e., we don't collect sales TAX. However, there may be sales TAX and/or other TAX requirements for the customer. Contact your TAX advisor. Since we won't collect or remit sales tax (except for ND customers,) remitting the appropriate taxes will be up to the customer.

Amazon and eBay should automatically collect marketplace facilitator TAX, sales TAX, and other taxes automatically.

For international customers, there may be import taxes, broker fees, currency transfer fees, taxes, etc.. It is up to international customers to pay all required taxes.

We are also at ([ eBay ] and) [ Amazon ].
However, we suspended our eBay sales in Jan 2020 for now due to concerns about how PayPal/eBay process the internet sales tax.