Monster Vise for Sherline Mill even bigger

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Approx. $110 + $9 (Priority Mail shipping, US only at that rate) in C1014, for stainless, tool steel request a quote

These are usually made to order.


Monster Vise

Large and Adjustable Mill Vise for Sherline Mill from LatheCity
[ Manual ]

The following text is also in our PDF manual. [ Manual ]

        Size Approximately 1-1/4" by 2-1/4" jaw size, adjustable opening, all steel.

        Included  Three steel brakets, steel leadscrew 3/8-16, washer for lead screw, 6 steel T-bolts (1/4-20), 6 steel nuts & washer, safety booklet, brief manual, booklet about work holding on a mill (booklets are LASER printed B&W)

        Typical application  Sherline’s mill tables are actually not that small. However, working on larger work pieces requires also a large enough vise. We offer a vise that can hold work pieces as long as your mill table. In addition, the size of the vise is adjustable: it grows or shrinks with your project needs. And, it’s a high quality steel accessory. (This vise will not really work with the cross-slide as a mill table, you would need Sherline's mill table.)

        The design The all steel vise (e.g. Sherline's vises are cut from aluminum) is a so-called plane mill vise. It consists of three brackets. Two are stationary and directly screwed on the mill table using e.g. steel T-bolts. One acts as a jaw the other holds the lead screw. The third bracket (or jaw) moves along the mill table by means of a steel lead screw. Also that bracket is squared by T-bolts. The work piece is clamped between the jaws by means of the lead screw. In addition, the moveable jaw can be fixed on the mill table, if required, to prevent lifting up the vice jaw in heavy milling operations. (Note, however, if you bolt something from two different directions you may loose up the bolts on the other side. Therefore, fix the top bolts just a little more than hand tight that the jaw will not lift up. The work piece is clamped using the lead screw.) The stationary brackets can be set at different positions on the mill table which makes the size of this vise adjustable. The lead screw has a steel hex bar handle which allows one to use a wrench key. The jaws are hard and flat.
       Procedure We included here a few images to show how the vise can be mounted. Sherline’s mill table and mill are shown, safety glasses, a hypo, a machinist square, etc. which are NOT included in this sale. The sale is for the complete vise only. Note that the vise is usually machined from 2-1/4” by 1-1/4"” steel bars. Thus, one cannot mount very tall work pieces safely. You may mount by yourself somewhat larger jaw plates on the vise, but don’t over-do it.

       US Shipping We ship this item only by USPS priority mail in a small flat rate box. Considering the weight of this steel piece, that’s cheaper than any other mailing option and it’s fast. Due to the weight, international shipping is expensive, but we did ship several to Canada and even Europe. None US customers, contact us in advance for shipping costs.
       Price The design looks simple and it is indeed simple. However, one needs a rather large mill to machine a steel piece of that size and it’s time consuming including cutting numerous steel T-bolts (CNC machined in the meanwhile). Don’t try to machine this type of steel vise on Sherline’s mini mill. In addition, the materials costs are not that small.

       Product variations We steadily improve on our products, i.e., product details may deviate from stock images shown without affecting the function of the tool. For example, we sometimes used larger steel bars. In some cases an extra jaw was added. Earlier version used 4 T-nuts on each jaw, newer version have 2 T-bolts on each jaw. Sometime the vise was treated with black staining color sometimes not. If these details matter to you contact us and we see what we have in stock.We can make other sizes but would need measurements of your T-slot table [ example ]-PDF.

Shipping to Canada. The piece has a shipping weight of about 4.6 lb. Only shipping option with USPS is priority mail (too heavy for 1st class). Costs $35.04 (in 2014). Stop by in Fargo and pick it up - we are not too far from Canada.