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Morse Taper Cutter for UNIMAT SL DB Lathes

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Please read the safety notes before using any accessories:
[ Safety Booklet ]-pdf [ Safety ]-HTML
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Project Example: Morse #0 taper blanks are the starting point for many accessories.

What does this tool do? One can cut Morse Taper and Morse arbors easily even on a small home shop lathe. Since labor costs are not an issue for hobby type work, you can make these accessories by yourself for close to zero dollars. All you need to do is setting the cutting angle precisely enough. Our mechanical protractor is exactly doing this for you, making the entire process a piece of cake. Cutting a perfectly fitting Morse taper takes 5 min / piece. Actually, we are crazy offering this kind of tool. Sure one can cut any small angle taper: Jacobs, Jarno, Morse, etc.

Project Example: Center drill -
Morse Adapters.
Mechanical Protractor for 17" or 8" Sherline lathes.
Interested in a UNIMAT version? [ contact ]

Included are:

  • Manual - booklet size, 15 pages
  • Safety booklet - booklet size, 12 pages
  • Angle pointer (aluminum or steel)
  • Angle scale for UNIMAT SL DB lathe - (color paper scale glued on aluminum plate and covered with a protective plastic foil)
  • Adapter for mounting the scale in the tailstock, M12-1.0 - aluminum




check for availability

we are low on stock

Further accessories for your Protractor / Taper Cutter

Steel Test Arbor Set
Morse #0 Arbor and Morse #1 Arbor

Reduced length (approx. 1"), steel

Plastic Morse #0 Test Arbor
If you machine your own Morse adapters an arbor for test fitting the pieces properly is essential. The piece is cut in transparent plastic using reamer. Thus, one can perfectly see if the Morse taper fits.
One of these is included in the LASER protractor package.



Adjustable Tailstock Center
(Morse #0 taper to dead center)
Cutting taper in longer and/or larger diameter stock without a center is dangerous and basically impossible. This adjustable tailstock center compensates for the offset when cutting taper by rotating the headstock. Details & images --> [ manual new design ] [ old design manual ]

$59.00 (Shipps priority mail for +$5)


Custom designs

Other sizes of test arbors available on request. We enjoy making unusual stuff - try us.

Further project examples: pieces cut using the protractor.

Our protractor allows for cutting any machine taper and arbor.

Example: Jacobs drill chuck adapters

Example: Morse Arbor-Taper adapters. Super expensive reamer are not required to cut Morse arbors.

Example: center drill Morse #0 adapters.

Example: Specialty adapters with a Morse taper end.

Example: Morse #0 and Morse #1 arbors and dead centers.

Customer projects: we would love it to see your own projects. If you like, e-mail an image to us. If you agree we would put it up at our website, but no compensations.

Example: Morse taper #0, #1, #2. Cutting larger size Morse tapers is actually simpler on a smaller benchtop lathe than on a full size system.